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  • LLN is a 21st Century solution to a systemic issue in the fragmented global profession – finding vetted and experienced lawyers in remote jurisdictions. Problem solved in seconds!
    Jean Pierre N., EVP, Global Sales, Manufacturing Co.
  • Wow! With RFQ every law firm, lawyer and legal department is global. As a lawyer in 300 lawyer firm, I could not find our clients the same level of expertise without RFQ.
    Robert M., Partner, London based law firm
  • RFQs are a free and revolutionary way to locate lawyers by exact expertise and experience everywhere on earth in minutes.
    Michael Reiss von Filski, Global CEO, GGI
  • A disruptive breakthrough that allows corporate legal operations to comparatively price legal expertise and experience worldwide on all matters with a few clicks.
    Janet O., Assistant GC, Legal Operations, Pharma Corporation

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  • Networks 20+ Years old
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  • Decades of professional relationships
  • Outstanding Expertise
  • Cost-Effective Fees
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(The Association of International Law Firm Networks) is a non-profit trade association that represents common interests of international, regional, and specialty law firm networks. AILFN has four purposes: (1) enhance the position and recognition of all networks in the legal market; (2) establish common principles to maintain standards of quality; (3) provide a forum for networks to exchange information; and (4) negotiate agreements with vendors that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of networks.

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