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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AILFN? Why would AILFN send our firm referrals, if we do not belong to an AILFN member?

AILFN (Association of International Law Firm Networks) is a non-profit trade association that promotes law firm networks. While your network may not be a member of AILFN, your firm is a law firm network member. AILFN believes that clients benefit when the most experienced and vetted firm are identifiable. These firms are members of networks. For more information on AILFN, view our Fact Sheet.

Who leads AILFN?

Stephen McGarry, the founder of Lex Mundi, World Services Group, HG.org, AILFN, LLN, and RFQ, is the president. The Board of Directors are executives at GGI – Geneva Group International and MSI Global. 

What is Locate Law Networks (LLN)?

Locate Law Networks is a web directory of 50 network members in 150 countries, 50 states, and ten provinces. With one click, users can find all relevant information on each network’s members.

What is a Request for Qualification (RFQ)?

RFQ is an online request for firms that have the very specific expertise and experience based upon basic information describing the transaction and type of client.

How do we start an RFQ?

Using the www.locatelawnetworks.com website, select location, review firms, Click RFQ, complete the intake form, and submit responses. For more information, view the RFQ sample page.

Do we have to respond to RFQ?

No, RFQ responses are optional and depend on your expertise and interests. If your firm has the expertise and is interested in a referral, please respond.

What are the types of referrals?

The referrals will be business-related. You set the minimum value of referrals to receive from RFQ. Referral value choices include all referrals or select a minimum ranging from “All” to $50, 000 +. You can change the acceptable value of referrals to consider or stop receiving referrals at any time.

Will we know who is requesting your qualifications?

Requests can be made with the requestors name and company or anonymously. If your firm is selected, the client’s name will be provided for conflict checks.

Who can make a request?

RFQs are open to corporate counsel, legal operations, procurement, law firms, and businesses. Our objective is to principally promote RFQ to corporate counsel and international firms needing a firm in a jurisdiction in which they do not have offices.

Does our firm have to agree to terms and condition?

The firm is expected to respond as it would to any other request for potential representation. If engaged, it will comply with ethics rules governing representation.

For any additional questions, please direct email inquiries to contact@ailfn.com.

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